Relay on our durability

Highest quality

Our internal transport solutions are built with great attention to durability.

Our products are developed and manufactured with the utmost attention to sustainability. All trolleys are made of stainless steel with replaceable individual elements. The proven quality guarantees a long service life. All parts are easy to recycle.

Snijders’ high-quality stainless steel has the following advantages over the competition:

  1. a natural, invisible ‘antibacterial’ protective layer
  2. a self-healing ability of this protective layer in case of damage
  3. no discoloration
  4. no emergent plasticizers
  5. no chance of paint damage
  6. no pieces and chunks in case of damage
  7. easy equipment maintenance
  8. easy daily cleaning.
Technical instructions

Our transport trolleys are easy to maintain

In this video we show what the facility service itself can replace.

Listening carefully to the needs of our users

We stand for practical support that responds to our joint fight against bacteria, but also to effectively prevent and/or remove (un)logical polluting ‘traces of use’. For this we have entered into a partner collaboration with Eco Lab! They specialize in providing safe, effective and responsible ‘aftercare’ with all the experience in giving advice on the right maintenance and cleaning products.

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