SINCE 1963

Jaap Snijders

More than 50 years ago Jaap Snijders started his company in a basement in Rotterdam. There he welded and plated material with chromium for shopping windows. A unique way to leave the workshop was through the window (see photo). The small company got off to a flying start. In no time, his sons were helping with welding, delivery and installation.

The basement workshop became too small, so they had to move to new premises in Tilburg. This was, granted, the former residence of the family Jacob (Jaap) Snijders.

In Tilburg, at Gebr. Sala Street 38, they focused on a new chosen specialty: internal transport systems for the healthcare sector.
A workshop became a factory.
‘Everything on wheels’ for the retirement homes and hospitals: from laundry collectors, and linen cupboard trucks to dishwasher baskets carts and more. They used only plated material with chromium at first, which was supplanted by stainless steel material. Deliveries to sales organisations in the Netherlands and Germany showed a strong upward trend.

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Expertise in stainless steel

New markets and export

Starting in 1982, the company expanded its own sales organization, making the production program considerably larger. Representatives were on the road and the first major project was: the furnishing of the new Elisabeth Hospital in Tilburg. No better reference was available at that time.

In addition to internal logistic systems, beginning in 1985, Snijders invested in a new market: laboratory equipment. The primary rationale for this was their cabinet-building experience.

The next logical step was to expand abroad. New partners were sought and found, who could sell well, but also had the required techniques at home to install and give service! Trade Fairs worldwide were at that time an absolute must.

Climate chambers

This high-quality equipment was also built from scratch. The knowledge gained is an investment in the full range of laboratory programs with not just leading customers such as (among others) the Universities of Wageningen and Amsterdam but also The University of Birmingham, John Innes Institute, the Max Planck Institute, Zoologisches Institut of the University in Basel and private companies like Abbott Laboratories, Merck, Bayer and Nunhems.

New facility

Meanwhile another building was built in Tilburg, around the corner, where assembly-, technical connections and extensive testing of the equipment takes place. As a special service, there is a fully conditioned storage space, equipped with every necessary safety device to store customers’precious samples 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

New generation

Listening carefully

Since 2008, a new ‘Snijders’ generation has stepped up to further globalization of the company. With their teams Pieter and Norman Snijders build further on the foundation that was firmly laid some 50 years ago.

In 2013, Snijders sales activities are organized into two divisions: Labs and Care. Snijders Care delivers logistics solutions for internal transport in care institutions and hospitals. Snijders Labs delivers equipment for high-technology storage and breeding for laboratories.

Snijders has always distinguished itself by short lines of communication between design and production. This formula has proven to be efficient. These short lines and our own production make special, custom orders possible. Listening carefully to the needs of the users has given Snijders innovative knowledge, with which we are now navigating and adjusting. And obviously, we also owe thanks to all 60 of our employees!

Designed and build in The Netherlands

Sold all over Europe